Feb 10, 2023 Another nifty alternative to detect AI-generated text is through the AI Content Detector tool by CrossPlag.

Heres a quick overview of the tools on this list.

Our plagiarism detection tool helps students, teachers, writers, and bloggers ensure originality in their work by comparing each writing with more than 100 billion texts worldwide. .

8 hours ago The AI Content Detector claims to be 97.

It uses advanced machine learning.

. GLTR. ai, another leading AI detection tool, compare in an artificial intelligence detection test using our sample texts produced with Jasper, a widely used GPT2-based generator Crossplag AI Content Detector Review The results showed that while the Crossplag AI Content.


Accurate at spotting AI-written content. . OpenAI Detector.

Content at Scale - AI Text Detector. .


In total, CrossPlag recognized 910 of the AI-written samples as AI-written.

GLTR or Giant Language model Test Room is an open-source AI content detection tool built in the MIT-IBM Watson AI lab and Harvard NLP, that lets you run tests to identify AI content. Originality.

8 hours ago The AI Content Detector claims to be 97. Originality.

It costs .
It uses advanced machine learning.

Additionally, Open AI Text Classifier, GPT Kit, Winston, and Detect GPT are some other noteworthy mentions.

AI Content Detector from Crossplag.

Tool. . Another fairly new product offering seems to be an AI Content Detector by Crossplag.

6. . . The World's 1 AI Detector with over 1 Million Users. The tool is designed. 99, up to 100k words), Educational Plan also available.


. The tool is designed.

Ob es eine Mindest- oder Maximaleingabe an Wrtern oder Zeichen gibt, ist zumindest auf den ersten Blick nicht ersichtlich.

However, you only get a few free scans and have to log in to access the tool for more.

With its innovative AI Content Detector, powerful plagiarism checker, and commitment to.


If you dont want to pay, Sapling is the best choice its totally free and has 68 accuracy, the highest score among free tools.